Why You Should Pay Attention to Rabbits

Rabbits symbolize fertility and remind us of Spring. But there’s another reason why you may want to pay attention to rabbits …

In the Aesop’s fable of the Hare and the Tortoise the one lesson that stands out, and the one you hear most often, is steady and consistent wins the race. It’s a great lesson, and it’s true. Small things done repeatedly over time can make a huge difference in our progress.

If you look a bit closer there are  a few other lessons in this fable that can impact your business significantly.

Having a skill counts for nothing without application. In the classic fable it’s obvious that the hare has the ability to win the race. He’s faster. More agile. Has body parts designed for running. But taking a nap isn’t the same thing as running a race.

How many times have you taken a course, but never applied what you learned? How often have you said, ‘I can do that”, but procrastinate instead? At some point you have to get int the game and do the work if you want results. Skill without action is a great way to stay at ground zero.

Gathering more information is not the key. In the children’s tale the rabbit wakes up and sees the turtle hasn’t made it very far. So, he decides to have lunch, and falls back to sleep.

How often do you get sidetracked with learning just one more thing? How many times have you wasted precious time gathering more information before giving yourself permission to get started? It’s easy to become paralyzed and stuck thinking you need to know more. Consider you know enough … and get moving.

Going faster isn’t necessarily better. The rabbit was forced make a dash for it when he realized the turtle was so far ahead. Slacking off made him have to sprint to even have a chance at winning.

We do it to ourselves. We wait till the last minute, then hustle to get everything done. Moving too fast can make things messy. You make unnecessary mistakes. You overlook the obvious. You create undue stress fro yourself. Then, you end up wasting time cleaning things up.

Funny what we can learn from a children’s story: Apply what you know. Get moving even if you think you’re not “ready.” Take your time and do it right the first time.

To your success!

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