Why it Pays to Deliver What Your Customer Wants.(Not what you THINK they want.)

Wild Mustangs recently started visiting our subdivision on a regular basis. Imagine looking out your kitchen window and seeing a herd of twenty horses marching down your driveway single file! It’s been wild, no pun intended.

My husband ran into them one morning walking our dog, Ginger. The younger horses were enamored with her. One even kissed her on the nose! When they first started coming to our house, I thought it was because of Ginger.

But nope. Seems they like birdseed. Who would have thought that horses would want birdseed? I’ve even seen them  standing on their haunches pawing mid-air at the bird-feeder fighting over who would eat the birdseed.

This is a great lesson in business. Often we make assumptions about what our clients want.

Do you know what your clients want? Are you guessing based on what you think they want? Are you catering to their unique interests and desires?

Here are a three suggestions for making sure you’re delivering what your customers want:

1)  Ask. You can ask in a survey, in social media posts, in forums, in your emails and newsletters, or in one on one communication. People love to respond to questions. They enjoy being asked their opinion. You may discover your client enjoys communicating with you and appreciates you for being attentive to their needs.

2)  Pay attention to comments and questions. There is a lot of information that can be gleaned from what someone asks and the statements they make. Learn to read between the lines, too. Often it’s what isn’t being said that holds the key to something new you can offer your customers.

3)  Do your research. There’s no reason to wonder about anything with almighty Google at our fingertips. Type in your own questions. Search through forums, blogs,  and comments. Subscribe to pertinent news feeds. Keep your finger on the pulse of your marketplace so you stay abreast of what’s current and useful to your client.

Stop delivering “hay” when your client wants “birdseed.” I’d love to hear your thoughts. What do you do to ensure you’re delivering what your client wants?

To Your Success!

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