What Shark Tank Can Teach You About Being a Better Content Marketer

Last week I mentioned the value of studying soap opens, series fiction, and series TV shows and movies in developing your business character.

Many people in the home business space pride themselves in the fact that they don’t watch television. I’m not a big TV-watcher either, but there’s a marketing lesson to be learned if you focus on the right programs and you study what’s happening.

Have you seen ABC’s Shark Tank? It’s a show where entrepreneurs present their business blueprint to a panel of millionaires in an attempt to get them to invest in their start-up.

It’s interesting to observe the amount of preparation (as well as the lack of preparation) the entrepreneurs invest in their presentation to the “sharks.”

The millionaire-sharks tend to make investments in the entrepreneurs who have done their market research, know their ideal customer, and have done a good bit of legwork on their own before they arrive on the show.

The entrepreneurs who obtain investors are well versed and able to articulate their idea and business model with ease and confidence. They are passionate about their products and services, as well as educated about their market and their ideal client.

If you were presenting your business model on Friday’s premiere of Shark Tank, how do you think you’d measure up in the eyes of the “sharks”? When you present your business to potential customers are you able to articulate why they should invest in you, your products and services?

Are you able to

  • 1)   Describe your business model?
  • 2)   Explain what you offer?
  • 3)   Show how you are different from the competition?
  • 4)   Demonstrate the need for your product or services?

Consider spending some time contemplating these questions. Would you be able to sell your business idea to one of the sharks? Do you have proof for the need for what you do? How quickly would the sharks get a return on their investment? Are you able to explain why they would be making a sound investment in you?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you are well on your way to content marketing success. Make sure your answers are clear on your website and in your content marketing.

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P.S. My friend, Steve Roller has a great article on his blog that make a few different points on this topic. Check it out and if you are inclined, give him some comment love.

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