Guest Post TrainingWe offer a wide range of training services for companies that are looking to improve their content marketing and PR success rates. We can come to you in person or work through portals like Skype to train you in person or in larger groups.

  • Learn how to enhance your guest posting success rates. We look at outreach strategies as well as how to best approach potential posting targets. We run through various software you can use to manage your posting and outreach campaigns.
  • We explain how to create content on your site that will naturally garner links and readership¬†for your brand/business.
  • We offer solutions to keyword research to chase down and rank for search engine traffic that is relevant to your business niche.
  • We look at how best to grow the authority of your business online, both within your business niche and also to more general traffic areas.
  • We help to show how to use social media to greater effect in promoting your content, posts and media exposure to your current social connections as well as how you can get new ones with that same content and exposure.

Prices can be arranged by the hour or for full days. International travel and expenses can be arranged for those wanting training outside of the UK.