The Value Of Our Guest Blogging Services

Guest Blogging ServiceThere are three main reasons that our Guest Blogging services provide great value for our clients. They are:

  • To garner extra brand authority for your website. This is from the association with strong authority blogs and sites.
  • To enhance search engine rankings. Google and Bing love to promote sites that they consider are respected by authority blogs and sites
  • To gain traffic that are already visiting the sites we are posting on. This tends to be high quality traffic that is already warmed to a company from its association with the site they are visiting.

With quality writers and journalists supplying the content that we share through our contacts in the blogging world, your companies association will be professional in its look once it  is shared. Quality content also tends to rank well so you will be gaining ongoing traffic to your site as posts we have written rank well in the search engines.

What About Niche Guest Blogs?

These are great for showing the search engines and also potential clients that you are well respected within your own niche. That really helps to grow trust with clients as well as with the search engines. We recommend that all ongoing guest blogging strategies incorporate niche posts to an extent to garner that niche specific trust.

We work hard to find the strongest sites we can within your niches through our outreach teams. This means we are confident of being able to offer that niche relationship as part of the guest blogging service we provide for our clients.

How Strong Are The Niche Sites You Post On?

They can range from Domain Authority 10 right up to 80 or 90, ( we use DA as a standard metric but are happy to work with others like Trustflow etc). We also look for traffic evidence as well as social interaction from posts that are already in existence. These again can range from small amounts, to large amounts of traffic and social interaction.

One of the other main checks we undertake is looking for posts ranking from the sites we post on on the search engines. This allows us to see how valuable the content on these sites are to the search engines, and therefore their potential authority strength that they will pass onto our clients web site platforms.