The Key to Higher Click Through Rates…

A nun at my Catholic school taught me to play the piano. Although my fingers were never whacked, the ruler in Sister Mary Anne’s hand was a constant threat and reminder of proper hand placement.

Placing my hands and fingers “just so” on the keyboard was paramount to striking the keys properly and obtaining the right tone for the music.

Placing your links “just so” in your emails and article posts set the right tone for higher click through rates.

So what is “just so?”

Your first link should be placed in your introduction. Your introduction should make a bold statement or promise, or create curiosity.

Your first link is above the fold, meaning it’s the window your reader sees without having to scroll. It captures the “low-hanging fruit” when your subject line is strong. It gives your reader an opportunity to click without having to read the entire text.

If they don’t click in the introduction, give them a reason to click further into your copy …

Place the second link in the body of your copy. Here, you want to expound on the benefit of your offer. Go into detail and paint a clear picture of all the reasons your offer will make life easier for your reader.

If they still haven’t clicked? …

Place the third link in your close. In the close you want to stimulate a sense of urgency or create scarcity. Something like “only 20 spots available” or “ offer expires in 48 hours.”  Don’t make it up if it isn’t true. But, do give your reader a reason to act quickly. You can also place this link in a postscript or P.S.

Think intro, body, and close … or top, middle, and bottom when it comes to placing your links.

And as a bonus tip, shorter emails tend to get higher click through rates.

Hope this tip gives your click through rates a boost. Let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

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