The Secret Ingredient to Content Marketing and Customers for Life…

You may be thinking “customers for life”? I’m just trying to get customers period. Well there’s a simple way to attract customers and keep them coming back for more. And, I bet it’s something you haven’t considered before.

Before I get into that, I’d like to tell you a quick story …

My mother was a soap opera addict. She started listening to the soaps on the radio every day when she was a little girl, and graduated to watching them when they aired on television. She rarely missed an episode.

Every day, day in and day out, she watched what she called her “stories”. I can recall her taping them so she wouldn’t miss the latest saga. On the last day of her life, at the ripe age of 82 years, she was still watching her soap operas.

My mother had a connection to the characters in the soaps. As exaggerated as they were, she enjoyed waiting for the next instalment in their pretend lives.

Series fiction, whether it’s a soap opera, a television show, a comic book, or novel have appeal because the characters are so dynamic. Think of characters like Spock, Harry Potter, and Sherlock Holmes. For the people that fall in love with a character (I’m a big Olivia Pope/Scandal fan), the next episode can’t come fast enough.

Wouldn’t it be grand to have your customers so engrossed in your content that they can’t wait for the next installment of your story? Of course, it would!

So, how do you market your content in such a way that you have followers for life?

The secret is to weave the character called “you” and your story into your content marketing.  Take a lesson from series fiction. Let me explain …

Let’s face it. There is only so much anyone can teach, only so many products to sell, only so many services to render.  You’ll reach a point where all you’re doing is repackaging the same information over and over.

Rinsing and repeating. Wrapping the same present with a different bow and paper.

To keep your customers engaged in your content for the long haul, you create yourself into an endearing character.  You let them see aspects of your life. You give them the inside scoop and a little taste of you.  Sharing who you are builds rapport and trust.

“Your customers tolerance for being sold to has to do with their relationship with you, not so much as what you are selling.” ~ Dan Kennedy

Build yourself into a character and share a little bit of your story in every piece of content you create.

The key is to be strategic and deliberate in what you share. Become a memorable character that they feel akin to. Allowing your customers a glimpse into your life keeps your customers intrigued and interested, and if done well, eager for the next segment of your journey.

Here are a few ways you become a memorable character:

1) Be likable.

Memorable characters do likable things. For example if you’re a dog lover, mention your pooch from time to time, or what happened when you volunteered at the rescue.  I have a blind dog. You’ll find her on my website, you’ll see her pictures on Facebook, and read about her in my emails and newsletters.

2) Be exceptional.

Make sure your audience knows your area of specialty. Every memorable character has a core competency. Sherlock Holmes has exceptional observational skills. What are you good at doing that others find challenging? How do you stand out from others in your niche? Make sure you accentuate your positives, your gifts and talents in your content creation.

3) Be complex.

Don’t be afraid to reveal your flaws. Your audience will appreciate an exceptional person, but not a perfect one. Let them know you’re human. Are you a poor speller? Do you have a pet peeve? Mention it in your content from time to time. I’m a writer with dyslexic fingers; I make the same typos over and over.

4) Share your philosophy.

What do you stand for? Against? Don’t be afraid to have strong opinions and share them with your readers. Yes, you may alienate a few people. But the ones you attract will feel more connected to you because they know where you stand. Enduring characters stand for something and behave in ways that others envy. If your customers don’t want to be like you in some way, you won’t sustain their interest over time.

When your audience knows a little about the inner workings of your life they feel as if they know you. You cease to be the person selling a product or service and become a trusted friend. Let your customers know the things that make you. Sprinkle the little tidbits of your personality in your content marketing to be entertaining and interesting.

When you become adept at sharing the character called “you”  content marketing will become a snap. Your emails will always get opened, your webinars will max out, and it will be so much easier to sell your products and services. You’ll have a community of raving fans anxious for what’s to come.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. What do you want your customers to know about you? What have you shared with your customers about yourself in your content marketing?


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