My Confession, and How to Become a Client Attraction Magnet

I have a confession to make …

About two years ago, I gave up my network marketing business.

Quit …

Done …

Called it a day …

I had had it. I’d hit a brick wall after going round and round in circles. I’d had some success, but just couldn’t seem to make any real headway. I couldn’t seem to break through.

I was sick of listening to leaders tell me what to do, when I knew they weren’t doing what they were telling me.

I was tired of watching other leaders on stage teaching offline methods, when I knew they primarily building their business with online tricks.

I didn’t know whom I could trust, so I gave up.

I was exhausted, frustrated, and spent.

But the thought that I’d “failed” haunted me. I’d never attempted anything in my life in which I didn’t excel. I hated the thought that this network-marketing thing had eluded me.

I couldn’t help but watch … and wait … and think …

I took notice of a woman, a mentor of one of my dear friends. This lady was zany … goofy … definitely a space cadet at times. She loved to laugh, and she talked … a lot.

But, she seemed to know what was doing. More than that, what she taught just made sense. You know, the good ‘ole plain kind of common sense.

She offered a marketing intensive in December of 2012 and I decided to enroll. For an entire month she gave from her heart. She dumped it all on the table … for free.

During the intensive the light bulb came on for me, and I explored the idea of reigniting my business. But I decided I would do things a bit different. I would follow this woman’s roadmap, utilizing her concepts.

90 days later I had a list, and it was growing every day. I had never had a list before, just a bunch of names on pieces of paper or stacks of business cards rubber banded together.

I was communicating with this list on a regular basis, and to my surprise they were communicating with me.

I started to get enrollments for my network marketing business, a business I had not promoted, not even spoken about in 2 years! (Remember? I gave that up.)

People started contacting me to ask for marketing advice. These people were from various niches outside of network marketing. That had never happened before, either.

A few months ago I attended an industry conference, No Excuses Summit. I spent money on hotel, air, meals, and the conference fee.  In the first day I listened to six, seven, and eight-figure marketers teach what this woman had taught me in the last six months.

It occurred to me that I had spent a lot of money to attend this conference to hear what she had given of her heart without charging me a dime. I was overwhelmed with gratitude. And through tears, I told her so.

The woman I speak of is Ms. Diane Hochman.

This Wednesday, June 26, at 9:00 PM EST you’ll have the opportunity to hear her speak on a free webinar. She’s about to open the doors to her straight, no chaser, hardcore summer school intensive.

She’ll outline a step-by-step action plan that put your business back on course in 90 days or less.

Here is just SOME of what you will learn on the webinar:

  • Why most “wanna be” Attraction Marketers can’t attract anything but flies (let alone earn a dime) … while the ones that are doing what Diane does and teaches have to beat the leads off with a stick …
  • How one little tweak can change the way your prospects see you, and will get them begging to join your team (and refusing to work with anyone else for that matter) …
  • How to thread your primary program into your attraction marketing campaigns so that your leads can sneak behind your back and sign themselves up (this is an ultra effective secret that can change your business lightning fast and almost make you feel like you’re cheating on your finals) …
  • An effective technique to craft your story in a way that transforms you into a MAGNET for people who have money to spend …
  • How to calibrate your system so it will sort, select, search and at time even sponsor for you …
  • And more…

Here’s your invitation to attend. You can register here.

To Your Success!

P.S. The lines will be full. The virtual room will be jammed packed.

So, I encourage you to get on the webinar early.

P.P.S. You don’t want to miss this. It could be the hour that changes everything for you, your business, and your family.

Go ahead … register!


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