How Our Guest Posting Service Works

We are always happy to accommodate whatever possible strategy that will work for your company into your guest posting service. We can offer you or your clients:

  • High Authority Guest Posts to help you drive traffic to your site as well as enhance greatly your brand authority within your business niche and in general.
  • Normal Guest Posting Platforms that might not have the same level of authority and traffic as the higher authority blogging sites, but they can still work for helping to enhance search engine positions for less competitive or local keywords and searches.
  • Niche relate guest posts that can help build up your authority within your own business niche.
  • Bespoke strategies that can be designed to work specifically for your company, targeting specific journals or getting the mix between high authority guest posts, Niche Guest posts and lower authority posts right for your particular content marketing requirements.

Do You Offer Feature Guest Posts? Authority Guest Blog Posts

YES we are able to offer feature posts for your company or client on many journals that we have access to. This allows you to have a post where yourself, your company or your client is the main focus of the post. This can explain a particular news item relating to the client, or perhaps be a Q+A session explaining a particular aspect of their business that will enhance their authority within their own business niche.

These posts are more expensive due to their personal promotional value, but the are a great way to get content ranked that relates to your company and can also be a very useful tool when implementing Reputation Management online. They are also a great source of traffic too!

What About ordering Our Guest Posts?

Get in touch with us today through email or skype and one of our experienced consultants can run through exactly what it is that you want or need. We will answer any questions you may have and happily recommend solutions or ideas to any problems or queries that you send our way.

We can charge you on a post by post basis or in bulk. We also have the ability to offer a monthly plan should you wish for us to place guest posts for you or your clients on a monthly basis.

We can work within whatever management software you are happy to use if you are wanting to white label our service, Trello, Google Drive etc etc.

If you need us to set up a specific niche related outreach service for you or your clients then that is also possible and something that can run indefinitely or for a set period of time. We will only source sites that fall within the set budget you have given us per site.

Contact us through skype personalisethis , or here, and lets get started providing you with the highest quality guest posting today!

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