Do Guest Posting Services Still Work?

So Do Guest Posting Services Still Work?

This is a bit of a difficult question to answer with just a yes or no. For a long time now, (at least 4 years to this date), Google has made an effort to reduce the value of links from guest posting as it has been deemed a way of gaming the rankings and providing streams of low quality content in the process.
Does that mean though that guest posting is a no no now? That agencies like this one should shut up shop and leave the guest post world behind? Well no, and I will try to explain why.

So what happened to guest posting? High End Guest Posting Service

About 4 years ago Google got itchy trigger fingers regarding sites that spent vast amounts of money placing guest posts on all manner of sites, solely to gain links. Content quality was often found wanting as clients paid blogs to let them post on their sites, meaning that the actual links would never be of any value to those using the search engines. Basically they were there simply to get “link juice”.
So wisely Google started to devalue the overall effectiveness of these links. Starting with the bio links that all bloggers were usually offered in exchange for a post by the blogging platform. As the crafty SEO agencies moved their guest posting into the world of contextual links, Google pretty soon had no alternative other than to really hammer links coming in from within the content too. Anchor text as well as signals like social shares, traffic and page views, all became important to the actual value of the guest post link. Just having a link on a page on a site no longer carried much sway. Links from weaker sites, whose overall brand and search authority was not very high lost their attraction. Most argue, rightly so.
Despite the fact that niche relevance added some value to weaker sites, posting on sites that wouldn’t get page views, traffic or social signals meant that you were not really going to see much value to your search engine position. Many sites felt the negatives as values were decreased, sites fell down the searches. Any cried that guest posting was finished!!

So I shouldn’t bother guest posting now?

Absolutely you should!. Strange right? What would be the point? Well…to do it properly perhaps. Rather than trying to just gain a link with some cheap piece of content that will likely hit a sales page on your website transferring no traffic or social awareness, try bolstering your site content with shareable useful content that will look natural to links hitting it. Then go out to get that content links from high authority sites that still carry value thanks to their readership and overall search standing.
The stronger the site the more value the link will have. The more natural that link is, (ie hitting strong content as opposed to sales pages), the more likely you will not be penalised. Also your site will gain authority automatically making all its pages far more likely to rank.
So guest posting/blogging is still cool. You do not need to join blog exchanges or pay site owners for the links you need. Simply aim a bit higher and that quality will still help your site rank, as well as generate traffic and social awareness for your business/brand. You also get the Kudos of being associated with major news or blog platforms. That will help your brand credibility.

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