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What Are Contextual Links?

These are links that are found within the body of the actual post content, as opposed to the byline or comment section. They are used by writers to factually back up information within their posts, from authority sites around the web. This means the links pass on a great deal of authority to the sites that are the recipients of such links.

The stronger the site that the contextual link is coming from, the more authority is passed on to the site where the link is targeting.

Do You Offer Contextual Links?Contextual Link Services

YES we do! All our guest posts provide at least one contextual link back to the clients site. They could be generic in anchor text, or they could use the company/brand name. We sometimes offer exact match anchor text to keywords being chased by our clients, but this depends on how that anchor text sits within the body of the content overall.

What Is Anchor Text?

This is the text that actually makes up the link itself. Here are some examples, the pretend anchor text is in inverted commas and underlined. The pretend business targeted is

  • Here is an example of how an exact match anchor text would look for the search term Great Software. If your company is looking to get “great software” for its IT departments, you should always make sure that it is designed in London.
  • Here is a example of branded anchor text. Tim Smith from “” stated that all software from London is very good for small businesses.
  • Here is an example of generic anchor text. This is the most commonly used as it looks the most natural. Anyone looking to compare software production in London to somewhere like Paris should “read this” analysis to see how big those differences are.

How Do I get Contextual Links For My Site?

We can help you here as that is our job. Making sure that your site is set up correctly so that it can be hit with high quality authority contextual links from strong posts on strong relevant sites.

  • We make sure you have enough quality content for our posts to target with the guest posting we offer.
  • We make sure that links hitting your site are not obvious and promotional. It is dangerous to have too many exact match or branded links hitting your site as that looks like you are deliberately gaming search engines like Google. We also want traffic to naturally flow to your site, not look like they are clicking on advert links.
  • We can also design and create powerful infographics and videos to use to help get links directed back to you site.
  • Our PR connections and releases help make sure that all news posts carrying contextual links, often branded, are valuable news items that will help draw attention to your site to other bloggers and writers who can then use your quality content as authority link targets.

Get in touch today and let us help grow your contextual link campaign effectively and successfully.

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