About Us

Content Marketing AgencyI have been involved in Content marketing for nearly 14 years now…of October 2016. In that time I mainly specialised with Guest Posting/blogging for agencies who wanted to help their clients build up strong search engine and brand authority, whilst also gaining traffic from niche relevant or strong general sites.

I built a reputation for honesty, reliability and efficiency in my dealings over the years, and through that my business grew year upon year. www.contentmarketingadvantage.com was born!!

We specialise in:

  • PR for clients looking to get their name out there, or enhance an existing name or brand
  • Guest Posting/Blogging to help clients grow their search engine and brand authority within their own industry and also within their target client demographic
  • Onsite content for clients to keep their visitors engaged and coming back to their site, as well as attracting new interest and visitors from those who have seen the posts thanks to effective keyword research and strong writing.

We are a UK based operation yet we deal extensively in the USA, Australia and Canada too. We are a global content marketing agency. I have worked hard to make sure that we are able to cater for your timezone so that even though we may be miles apart, a simple skype can solve any problems or convey any advice.

My goal in setting up this agency was to provide a trustworthy and reliable service that agencies could re sell to their clients with confidence. For this to happen I needed to make sure that I kept a large network of contacts open with strong and authoritative sites so that I could gain access for clients with a high degree of reliability. We currently post successfully on top tier sites a little under 90% of the time!! This means that our clients have peace of mind using us, safe in the knowledge that we will not let them or their clients down.

Communication is also incredibly important and we have a target of responding to all emails and skypes within 24 hours. Often you will get a response within a couple of hours. This again helps to give peace of mind to our clients and alleviates anxiety as posts are waited for. Good communication allows us to sort out any issues quickly and efficiently so that clients aren’t waiting around for solutions to problems that are late in being dealt with.

What about Google Algorithm Updates?

Our work is very Google friendly and we have yet to suffer any issues with Google updates like Penguin or Hummingbird. All content is written to be useful, readable and shareable. The kind of content that Google is after for its search engine. This is why our Guest Posting/Blogging services are so useful to clients trying to establish themselves with search engines like Google.Guest Posting


Our goal is to help your business grow and gain new clients, just as it is to help it grow in authority within the confines of your own industry and also with the search engines that help guide people to your site. Get in touch today and let us help set up a successful content marketing strategy for your agency. Let our Guest Posting/Blogging services help drive traffic and search engine authority to your business today! That is why I started this agency in the first place.